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OIB undertaking Outdoor Promotion campaign


Oromia International Bank S.C is undertaking extensive outdoor promotion in connection with its 10th Anniversary.

The promotion campaign is integrated with Customer session in selected cities and towns. So, the Bank held successful customer session in Ambo, Woliso, Fitche and Debre Berhan towns. The customer sessions were led by members of the Board of Directors and Senior Management members.

The achievements registered, the challenges encountered over the last ten years and the future strategies of the Bank were discussed with the Bank’s key customers. The discussions were lively and successful. The customers were delighted by the job done over the last decade and vowed to work with the Bank and also meant to keep their loyalty.   

OIB will continue the campaign in Adama, Dire Dawa, Shashanene, Bahir Dar and other cities and towns in the days ahead along with customer session.








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