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OIB held 2015/16 Semi-annual Management Meeting


Oromia International Bank S.C held a day-long Semi-annual Management Meeting on January 25,

2016 at Harmony Hotel, here in Finfinne.The meeting was themed with: “Drawing Strategic Lesson

from Review Period Performance for Better Synergy of the Remaining Period of the Year.”OIB’s top

management, Directors and Division Managers from the head office and branch Managers convened

to evaluate the six month work performance against the plan and discussed the achievements and

challenges.President of Oromia International Bank Abie Sano highlighted global and domestic economic

environment, the Ethiopian Banking industry, the competition in the industry and other related issues

while presenting the six-month corporate performance report.He noted that the current global and local

financial situation has a direct pressure on the day to day business particularly on the banking industry.

He also emphasized that the fierce competition among banks is so tough in which the only option

is winning.According to the report, the deposit and profit over the last six months is unprecedentedly

good though it still requires stringent effort. The Interest Free Banking (IFB) business is also promisingly

growing.“However, Abie said, our deposit mobilization and foreign currency generation over the last six

months was not up to scratch when compared to our plan, our own trend and our competitors & peers.”

He urged the management to maintain OIB’s growth trend, to focus on some strategic concerns such as

deposit mobilization, customer service, performance consistency, credit management, among others.

OIB Board of Directors Chairperson, Obbo Abera Tola, in his motivational speech said that every OIB

employee should develop sense of ownership and work in professional team spirit. He also called for consorted

effort and unwavering commitment to move the bank forward in a bid to realize the vision ‘To be the Bank of Your First Choice’.

Abera also vowed that the Board of Directors will work more closely than ever and respond to any joint problems

as promptly as possible by the indication of the staff, if any.  The participants actively entertained questions, comments

and suggestions that geared towards achieving common goal. The Branch Managers also showed their

determination to meet the Bank’s plan in the remaining five months period. 

The top management on their part promised for non-stop supervision and support from the head office.

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