Obbo Gadissa Bultossa(Board Chairperson)  

Qualification:- M.A

Experience:- 35 Years


Dr. Firdissa Jebessa(Memebr Dr. Aynalem Megersa(Vice Chairperson) Obbo Damenu Tulu(Memebr)

Qualification:- PH.D

Experience:-  29 Years

Qualification:- PH.D

                          Experience:-  23 Years                        

Qualification:- M.SC in Agronomics

Experience:- 34 

Obbo Didhaa Dirribaa(Memebr) Obbo Assegid  Regassa(Member) Obbo Ajema Gondel(Member)

Qualification:- MSC

 Experience:- 25 Years

Qualification:- MA

Experience:-  20    Years

Qualification:- MA

Experience:- 25 Years

Ambassador Aman Hassan(Member) (Member) Dr. Assefa Seme(Member)

Qualification:- MA

Experience:-  30 Years


Qualification:- Master of Public Health

Experience:-  20 Years

Obbo Mulugeta Tujuba(Member) Obbo Fayera Abdissa(Member)  

Qualification:- MA 

Experience:- 22   Years

Qualification:-  MA

Experience:-  33    Years




HR and Business Affairs Committee


Risk and Compliance Committee

Audit Committee

       Dr. Aynalem Megersa

         Obbo Assegid Regassa

                 Ambassador Aman Hassan

Dr. Assefa Seme




  Obbo Fayera Abdissa

Dr. Firdissa Jebessa

Obbo Ajema Gondel






         Obbo Didhaa Dirribaa

      Obbo Damenu Tulu

           Obbo Mulugeta Tujuba

          Obbo Birhanu Debela 





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