Loan services


Credit/Lending Services:

  • Term Loans: Short-, Medium- and Long-term loans;
  • Overdraft Facilities;
  • Merchandise Loans;
  • Pre-shipment Export Credit Facilities;
  • Revolving Export Credit Facilities;
  • Advance on Export Bills; and
  • Import Letters of Credit.
  • Import L/C Settlement Loans;
  • Advance on Import Bills;
  • Motor Vehicle and Construction Machinery Loans;
  • Consulting Firms Financing Loans;
  • Co-financing Loans;
  • Financing of Creativity/Ideas;
  • Machinery (equipment-lease financing loan);
  • Equity Investment Financing Loans;
  • Home (mortgage) loans;
  • Personal and Consumer Durable Loans;
  • Automobile Loans;
  • Education Loans;
  • The Bank’s Letter of Guarantee:
    • Bid Bond
    • Advance Payment
    • Performance Bond
    • Retention Guarantee
    • Customs Duty Guarantee
    • International Air Transport Association and Oil Companies
    • Trade Credit Guarantee [available only at the OIB]
    • Education Guarantee (available only at the OIB)
  • Advisory Services on Lending Options.

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